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Why I Do What I Do

I've had a lot of people ask me why I'm making photographs at protests, demonstrations, and other activist events. Sometimes, this question is posed by activists who are sensitive to public exposure and mistrusting of new faces. Other times, the question feels like a more curious exploration of my movitations or an effort to create some rapport. Either way, the answer is always the same, and is always too long to explain in a moment. I figure I'll try here.

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I Am Not Your Negro

I went to a screening of I Am Not Your Negro last night with my partner. It was a compelling, demanding film. I’m not going to review the film here as there are plenty of reviews already on the Internet written by people with a great deal more skill and discernment than I possess. All I’ll say on that matter is this: Go see it.

What I do want to talk about, and what I am most qualified to discuss, is the answer to the question my partner asked me as we were walking home. She asked, “How did you feel about the movie?”

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